Back to work!

The alarm goes off… it’s 6 a.m. You wake up confused. Wait! What day is it? Sunday? You wish. It’s Monday…. and you are going back to work after 2 weeks of fun in the sun. The work routine has been broken:  you lived in your favourite denim shorts and flip-flops, you didn’t wear as much make-up as you normally do (definitely no contouring!) and your favourite friend was dry shampoo and ‘chignons’.

‘But, I don’t know what to wear?’

This is probably the first thing that pops into a girl’s head the morning of returning to work. It’s 35 degrees outside and you are sweating just thinking about going through your closet and trying to figure out what on earth you will wear to work.

I have always thought that a work wardrobe, during the summer months, is a bit challenging: it’s hot outside but freezing in the office! The trick? Layers! Start with something cool and comfortable for your commute to work (unfortunately, not all transportation are equipped with AC… even in 2017!) like a cute flowy dress or a sleeveless blouse and bring along a cardigan or a blazer to wear when you get to the office. That way, you won’t be freezing during the day in your cubicule. And later, when you get to Happy Hour, you can remove your extra layer. Voilà! Also, I personally enjoy wearing open-toe sandals (my office permits it!) but if yours doesn’t, perhaps a cute peep-toe would be acceptable and appropriate.


Shop my outfit! 
Dress: La maison Simons

Linked below are other work dresses I like:
Joe Fresh Women’s Print Wrap Front Dress (on sale!)

Dynamite Sleeveless Shirt Dress with Zip (on sale!)

Club Monaco Menditha Dress

H&M Flounced Wrap Dress

Sandals: Nine West Aniston Ankle Strap Sandals (on sale!)

Necklace: Dynamite Suede Choker (on sale!)

Bracelet and Earrings: Estrela 

Tell me… what do you wear to work during summertime?

Until next time, stay cool in your work clothes! 🙂





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