Vacation Vibe

Ahhhh... vacation time in the city! The heat waves, the humidity, the surprise thunderstorms, you gotta love it! July is also the month of tourists, drinks on patios, beaches and early morning runs. And most importantly, I start my summer vacation! July 1st is also Canada Day and this year, we are celebrating 150 years… Continue reading Vacation Vibe


That perfect little dress

Being a girl is complicated enough on a day-to-day basis let alone trying to figure out what to wear...every... single... day. Just by opening up your closet every morning (or every evening for that matter!) and looking at all the possibilities you can create with your clothes,  it can make any fashionista cringe or get… Continue reading That perfect little dress


‘Fall’ colours for Spring?

For me, Spring has always been my FAVOURITE season! Colourful and look-at-me prints, primary colours and vibrant hues, I have always been super excited to take out my most colourful garments and start wearing every colour of the rainbow. And I love it. But I started noticing, at the beginning of the season, all those… Continue reading ‘Fall’ colours for Spring?